Thursday, June 2, 2016

Donald Trump's Brilliant Idea?

I recently decided that Donald Trump is not the clown I thought he was. He has a brilliant plan to solve the illegal immigration problem and provide needed jobs for the unemployed and recent college graduates.
Here how his (and many other conservatives) plan will save America.

  1. Building the wall on the southern border is only the start, but let's start there. According to an article in the Washington Post the wall will cost between $3 million and $16 million per mile (depending on where the wall is built) with a total cost of around $25 billion. Thousands will be employed to build and maintain the wall, which can be done by the unemployed and college students. A guess would be 10,000 workers
  2. To build the wall millions of tons of concrete and steel will have to be delivered to the border and this will require roads to be built and trucks to haul the material, more jobs. (Unless Trump's mob connections get the contract). Maybe another 10,000 jobs
  3. It will not be easy to find and remove 11,000,000 undocumented people. They are not going to line up at the border and willing go back to their home countries. We will need a large federal police force that has the power to stop and hold anyone who may be here illegally.  This could take up to a 500,000 member special police force, which can be manned by the unemployed and recent college graduates. We will all have to have ID's on us that proves we are citizens. Remember not all undocumented people are dark skinned. So that will create more job for the agency that will issue these IDs, another 200,000 jobs
    1. Rounding up and deporting 11,000,000 people will take time. At one million a year it will be 11 years until the job is completed. Working 24/7/365 federal agents will have to process over 2,700 people a day which will mean we will need to build hundreds of holding facilities. This means hundreds of thousands jobs to building and staff the processing centers. This job can be turned over to the private sector as they already have practice with private prisons. More private sectors jobs can be created in the transportation of the undocumented out of the USA by bus, rail and air. (This could also be a lucrative contract for mob connections). Another 100,000 unemployed will have a job.
    2. With the deportation of the undocumented there will be a shortage of around 1.5 million migrant farm workers. These low skill jobs can easily be filled with high school dropouts and college students who have not found jobs and auto workers who have been laid off. 
    3. Tens of thousands of the undocumented also work in meat processing and construction. More jobs for high school dropouts and unemployed tech workers. 
    4. And, this is Trump's true genius, his own hotels and casinos have undocumented employees working in housekeeping and food service. In fact most of the hotels and restaurants in America depend of foreign born workers to prepare food and clean rooms, these jobs could go to native born workers. This will create another 250,000 opportunities for PHD's who can't find a position and middle managers whose companies have down sized. 
    Donald Trump must have thought long and hard about the deportation of 11,000,000 people and how it can give millions of Americans jobs.  

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