Saturday, October 11, 2014

Obsolete schools?

Over the past 40 years the development of digital technologies has changed the way we play, work, travel and communicate. Big and small companies all over the world have has to change or die. The music and publishing industries has seen many big companies down size or go under, ie. Tower Records,  Sam Goody, Blockbuster, Border Books, and B. Dalton. Will the education system be the next industry to have major sectors of it collapse?
There are many people in the education world that are working very hard to make changes in the education system so that when the crash comes it will not be too harmful. One of these forward thinking educators is Will Richardson. In the keynote he gave at a conference in Indiana, his theme is that in a networked world we can learn from thousands of teachers, from anywhere, at anytime. If the education establishment does not figure out how it fits into this new learning milieu forces beyond its control will make the changes.

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