Monday, February 24, 2014

The New RTTT


The Sochi Olympics are completed and the results are in. Total medal count:
  1. Russia - 33
  2. U.S. - 28
  3. Norway - 26
  4. Canada - 25
Everyone should be proud of all their athletes, but winning is what really counts. The top 3 countries can celebrate their success, but a closer look at the results tells a different story. Which countries are getting the greatest value per medal?

In this blog post from Karl Fisch he makes a comparison between Olympic expectations and educational expectations.  When medals/10 million population is ranked the U.S. is 22nd at 0.5 and Norway is 1 st at 27.9. So who is really the better country? What if Olympic results were held to the same standards as educational results?

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